Interior design tips for a small house

Interior design tips for a small house

Do you own a small house or prepare to hand over an apartment with a small area. There are a few small interior design tips that architects often use and that is easy for you if you do it yourself. The smallest things will make your life more interesting.

1. Paint small rooms with gentle colors to help the room become larger.
A room with a small size, large windows, using light paint, helps to reflect natural light in from the door frame. Conversely, using dark colors will make the small room even more out of place. Even in the presence of natural and artificial light.
2. Use decorative mirrors to add light to your living space
The use of mirrors also results in an optical illusion in space, which helps to deceive the feeling of appearing larger than reality. Decorative mirrors can also be used in place of art to fill empty wall spaces.
3. Combine interior products with many patterns
Small house interior design, interior products combined together, each product has a different shape and texture is a great combination, bringing modern, unique, and innovative beauty. , which the owner wants to aim for. Furthermore, you will be able to combine your favorite items together without any subject.
4. Design wall cabinets
Choosing built-in shelves will partly increase the ventilation for space, and also help homeowners make use of more space for storage.
5. Use what you currently have for decoration
Your space needs some accessories, instead of running out to buy them, take advantage of what you have: tray, wood, a glass vase, metal, tree, … to decorate on the picture. Your walls and space become more artistic, unique, and your own individuality.
6. Add a kitchen accessory rack
The kitchen is a place where family members gather, eat meals together, and share life stories. So, homeowners often invest in the kitchen with full amenities, convenience for cooking, serving meals better and must ensure aesthetics.
7. Bring greenery into your home
Add trees to your living space, adding fresh colors to your life. Trees are not only beautiful but can also clean the household air, balance moisture, absorb pollutants and remove harmful gases from the room. Architects encourage families to use green spaces.
8. Use area carpets to accentuate the floor
Warm carpet with a variety of colors and patterns, personality for space. The hardwood floor is beautiful and easy to maintain but lacks softness and looks colder, so the area carpet functions to add a cozy look to your common space.

Have you found an interior design idea for your own apartment yet? If not, try using the above solutions to refresh your space! But best of all, you should have the consultation of the KTS team to save time, money and save effort that you spend thinking!

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